We help businesses decision-making by means of mathematics, operations research and machine learning algorithms

It all started before World War II with the establishment of teams of scientists to study strategic and tactical problems involved in military operations. Their objective was to find the most effective utilization of the military resources. 

Each company faces unique challenges, and to achieve a certain goal, a decision maker must choose between many alternatives (millions).
How? It consists of a process of generating and comparing different or all scenarios and then pick up the best one. Each alternative scenario could have a different impact, it is therefore, necessary to evaluate and assign to each alternative a quality value. The restrictions, regulations and availability of resources and constraints that limit the liberty of action must also be taken into consideration with the objective to find the solution that contributes the most to the global goal.

The analytical process of modeling and solving such problems is at the heart of the discipline of Operations Research
These are some tools we use, to improve your performance and profitability:
Constraint programming, linear programming, heuristics and meta-heuristics, machine learning

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You need to evaluate options before making a decision? We can help !

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