Algorithms For Business Resource Optimization

A Hard Open Shop Scheduling Problem Instances Generator

We present a hard instances generator for the Open Shop Scheduling Problems from [1]. The random instances generator takes the number of jobs n and the number of machines m as input and requires three parameters k, p and f . k: integer number, such that the sum of each line of P is equal…
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5 ways to optimize business decisions with operations research

Linear and Integer Programming A linear program is constituted of a linear objective function that models a profit to maximize or a cost to minimize, and a set of linear constraints that restrict decision variables. It has been the subject of very extensive research, and was given a major boost by Dantzig’s development of the…
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A quick way to Use Dropbox as a git repo

It is pretty simple, all you need to do is create the base repo in your Dropbox folder and push your code. Create a git project Create and setup the Dropbox base repo Add the remote Dropbox folder Add a first commit Push the code into the remote Dropbox gitdropbox: a script that creates a…
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Design better Public Transit with Planning

For decades, public transit provides interesting, complex and challenging Operations Research problems.
For instance, How a public transit agency do to know how many buses are needed for a city? Where should they be parked and at what time should they be sent to service the public? Operations Research can tackle such a complex problem.

5 industries that will collapse overnight without the help of Operations Research

In this article, we highlight 5 industries that cannot survive without Operations Research.

6 Signs your business will benefit from Operations Research

Gentlemen, we are out of money. We shall have to think. Winston Churchill In this article, we highlight 6 Signs your business will benefit from Operations Research 1) You have decisions to make  Are you faced with more decision factors than you can get your arms around? Do your key operational systems lack intelligence? Operations Research…
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